Astro-forecast for December 2023

Astro-forecast for December 2023

Vision Emerging
by Gery Mews

In the yearly cycle around the zodiac we have reached the fiery and freedom-loving sign Sagittarius. Archers are the archetypal seekers for meaning and truth. Their view is on the far distance, and they are not so much concerned with the smaller details of everyday living. We need the Sagittarian frequency for formulating our vision and developing long-term goals that inspire us.

Mars is the planet of drive, motivation and action and represents the ancient god of war in mythology. The red planet entered adventurous Sagittarius on November 25 and will reach the next sign Capricorn on January 5, 2024. Mars in outspoken Sagittarius brings dynamic energy and enthusiasm while igniting the courage to explore beyond known horizons. With its influence, we can expect a surge in optimism and hope. The trap is getting stuck in dogmatism and preconceived judgements.

The New Moon in Sagittarius eventuates on December 13 and forms a challenging square aspect with Neptune in Pisces. We may have to examine where expectations have become unrealistic and where we might keep illusions alive. New Moons are times of seeding, when new ideas and intentions are born in the dark. At best, the square with illusive Neptune can enhance our intuitive abilities inspiring us to gaze into ourselves and prepare the ground for the dawning of a new vison.

The Moon forms a trine aspect to Chiron and the North Node in Aries. Their exact conjunction will be on 5 March 2024. The archetype of the wounded healer entered Aries in 2018. Since then, we have witnessed an increase in wars all over the globe. We are in urgent need for collective healing and working through transgenerational and cultural trauma. Chiron together with the karmic North Node signifies that the time is ripe for greater healing to occur. While we shift from 2023 to 2024 the challenge is transcending old worldviews, raising our frequency, and opening to new possibilities.

Consciousness-raising Uranus in Taurus forms a near exact quincunx with the New Moon in Sagittarius, a 150-degree angle between two signs that do not have much in common. Sagittarius turns towards the future while Taurus hold onto the past. Uranus, planet of change, chaos and rebellion, has brought many disruptions to our comfortable lifestyle since he entered the sign of the bull in 2018. Now this cycle is nearing its end as Uranus will move into Gemini in 2025/6. The current Uranus-in-Taurus cycle also marks the end of the hierarchical structured Earth Age with its emphasis on materialistic values. Since the December Solstice in 2020 we have collectively entered the Air Age, meaning that worldviews are shifting in a big way. The rules have changed. The ‘new normal’ is unpredictable, diverse, decentralised, vastly interconnected but also highly creative. What comprises mainstream opinion now will be a minority view in years to come. We may use the energies of this New Moon to focus on our vision for the future (Sagittarius) and reflect on the values of the past (Taurus) whether they still fit into the emerging new paradigm.

The New Moon coincides with Mercury stationing retrograde on December 13. The Mercury retrograde period ends on January 1, 2024. Mercury begins its retrograde cycle in practical Capricorn guiding us into next year’s cosmic drama that promises to stage a more inspiring chapter for humanity. The last three weeks of this year mark a perfect period for reflection and review, when we are encouraged to listen to our intuition and refine our focus in the search for new insights. Let’s keep in mind that there will be ample opportunity for interruptions, delays, and miscommunications during this festive season while Mercury is retrograde and playing his tricks.

The solstice follows on December 22 when the Sun enters cardinal Capricorn and marks the beginning of a new season. Mercury retrograde is closely aligned with the Sun. A grounded Moon in Taurus is aligned with Jupiter forming a harmonious trine with the Sun/Mercury conjunction. It is a helpful signature for reflecting on practical ways to address old issues. Mercury will re-enter Sagittarius on December 23 directing us towards expanding our consciousness and rethinking our philosophies to achieve greater freedom.

The Full Moon in Cancer opposite the Capricorn Sun occurs on December 27 and is harmoniously aligned with Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces. We can use these positive vibes for envisioning some long-term goals. The Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus are both in earth signs emphasising sustainability and practicality.  However, Mercury is still retrograde and square Neptune reminding us that it is not the right moment in time for making lasting decisions rather for playing with the world of probabilities.

Aries: A fresh path forward could open with a new vision of the future. Use the last weeks of the year to reflect on your aspirations.  Challenge your current perspective while seeking clarity of purpose. Take in consideration that travel plans may be disrupted or delayed as we are entering another Mercury retrograde phase from December 13 until January 1.

Taurus: The signs of the time indicate a major shift in values triggering uncertainty and a general confusion. Make use of the Mercury retrograde period from December 13 until January 1 to question limiting beliefs and old dogma. Get ready for a journey into unchartered territory in the months and years to come!

Gemini: The focus during this mercury retrograde cycle (December 13 – January 1) is on your relationships. Insights about what works and what does not can strengthen relationship that are solid and satisfying while dissolving those that are unbalanced or unrewarding -or there is the possibility of spiralling to a completely new level of understanding and maturity!

Cancer: The focus during this Mercury retrograde phase (December 12 – January 1) is on health, fitness and daily rhythm.  Insights about health hazards, may they be work-related, physical or psychological can give the necessary momentum for change and transformation. This is a great opportunity for ‘shedding the skin’ in many areas of your life.

Leo: The focus during this Mercury retrograde cycle (December 13 – January 1) is on your creative projects, children and romance. You may feel a boost in confidence and start risking new ways of self-expression. Dare to be who you are meant to be!

Virgo: Your attention is focused on your home life and family relationships during this Mercury retrograde cycle (December 13 – January 1). Changes in this area might become a necessity to bring you back to your roots and honour the needs of your deeper self.

Libra:  The focus is on your educational goals. You might feel motivated to enter a particular training path. This could be related to the urge of wanting to contribute something new and important to your community, feeling called to give freely of yourself as an inspirer or educator.

Scorpio: The emphasis during this season is about your financial goals Changes here could transform your life as you may rethink and reflect upon your material stability. Re-envision your strategies during this Mercury retrograde period (December 13 – January 1). You may find that you have outgrown your own rules.

Sagittarius: With motivational and enthusiastic Mars in your Sun sign until January 5 you are receiving a cosmic boost in confidence. Use the Mercury retrograde phase from December 13 until January 1 to reflect on how to direct your energy most efficiently. It is an invitation to take charge of your life. A challenge might be to balance personal initiative with the needs of others.

Capricorn: This Mercury retrograde phase is important as it is in Capricorn during December 13 – 23.  This is a good time to refine your life goals and reflect on what is most important to you. A good moment in time to retreat and resolve issues from the past before moving forward with the solstice energy.

Aquarius: Group activities and cooperative efforts are the best way to achieve your goals right now. A new vision for the future might emerge through networking with others. Make use of the Mercury retrograde period December 13 – January 1) by reflecting on your own rules, values and beliefs that may hinder your personal evolution.

Pisces: The focus is on your life direction and career path. Make use of the Mercury retrograde cycle (December 13 – January 1) by reviewing your life’s goals and reflecting on your path ahead. Whatever doesn’t fit any more into your newly emerging world view can slowly but surely dissolve and be left behind.

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