Lots has happened since the exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12: we had the bushfire catastrophe, the floods and now the coronavirus! Saturn/Pluto conjunctions and oppositions are known for correlating with massive changes that catapult us out of our comfort zone. At the last  opposition in 2001/2 we had 9/11, a stock market crash and the Sars-virus. At the last conjunction in 1982/83 the first Aids cases were diagnosed; since then we have witnessed an ever expanding globalised world. Similar to  2020, Jupiter was part of the conjunction of 1982! Jupiter expands, pushes beyond usual frontiers and goes global. Let’s not to forget Uranus in Taurus which is the great disrupter of every sign it occupies. In Taurus, disruptions relate to financial markets and the economy. Interestingly, the coronavirus could be the catalyst for the next recession and another global economic crisis.

Neptune in Pisces dissolves boundaries and can be related to epidemics. In Medical astrology, health problems linked with Neptune  and also Pisces are -besides hypersensitivity – fungal and viral diseases and problems with the immune system. The coronavirus has been spreading globally since Mercury has been in Pisces (February 4 – April 11) and caused a lot of panic and fear. Mercury retrograde in Pisces has added to the overall uncertainty, but has also sent a strong signal to retreat and isolate. Saturn and Pluto both rule fear, which then can be used and abused by authorities to impose more laws and regulations in the name of national security that further impact on people’s liberties while adding fuel to the panic mode. 

The Full Moon on March 10 is in opposition to a Sun/Neptune conjunction. Mercury is stationary direct on the same day. This adds to the potency of this Full Moon in Virgo. It highlights the need for discernment while taking a practical approach to all the hype and confusion. How dangerous is the coronavirus really? What precautions can I take? How can I support my immune system and keep body, mind and soul in a balanced state? Disease starts in the mind and “world fear is a contagion that spreads much faster than any virus, and must be curtailed and contained!” (Phillip Lindsay). The greatest challenge of 2020 on an individual and collective  level is to face our fears and heal the mind, which then feeds positively into our emotions. The coronavirus reminds us that we all live in a global community which is deeply interconnected and interdependent. While it is important to take safety measures, it is also essential that we stay out of fear, and acknowledge that we are not helpless victims of outer circumstances hoping that government interventions will safe us. Worry and fear lowers our energetic frequency and our immunity. Aligning us with our higher self protects us and empowers us. Flower essences can assist in this process. As Edward Bach once stated: “they flood our bodies with higher vibrations”. From  an  energetic  perspective  we  are  all  unique  energy  systems  vibrating  at  different  frequencies.  The  ‘electrical  charge’  is  delivered  via  our  emotions. Different  emotions  have  different  frequencies:  for  example  fear,  resentment  and  grief  are  vibrating  slower  than  love,  joy  and  happiness.  Emotions  are inextricably  linked  with  the  physical  body  and  physical  functioning. Flower essences  subtlety  influence  our  vital  forces  and  have  a harmonising  effect  on  our  emotions  and  mental  attitudes.  They  make  great anti-stress  remedies  and  can  positively  influence  our  immune  system  by  bringing  about  renewed  clarity  and  strength  to  follow  our  goals  and  dreams.   It is also important to remember that the vast majority of people who will contract the coronavirus will not die, and many will experience no symptoms at all.

March 8. 2020

Tina Mews

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