Astro-forecast for March 2024

Astro-forecast for March 2024

by Gery Mews

The transition from one season to the next is determined by the Sun’s apparent motion around the Earth, marking the equinoxes and solstices. The equinox on March 20 signals an important turning point in the yearly round when the Sun shifts from mutable Pisces to cardinal Aries.  Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac while Aries represents birth and a new beginning. The Pisces stage offers opportunity for spiritual renewal. The energy turns inward and puts us in touch with the recurring cycles of nature and existence in general. It could be the calm before the storm as we are moving into the 1st eclipse season of the year when life speeds up becoming more unstable and volatile. The Full Moon on March 25 is a partial Lunar eclipse followed by a Solar total eclipse on April 8.  Then, all planets are still in forward motion until April 1 when Mercury turns retrograde. The coming weeks signal a time of endings and new beginnings when we prepare for future developments while an old chapter is coming to an end.

The Pisces New Moon on March 10 is flanked by Saturn and Neptune, two outer planets that will journey together through the most imaginative sign of the zodiac until February 2026.  Then they will meet at zero-degree Aries marking the beginning of an entire new 36- year cycle. The current round began in 1989 and coincided with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR. We are now in the completion phase of this cycle with all its negative consequences due to many unfulfilled promises, and depleted hopes. On the positive, this last cycle birthed a more inter-connected world, helped by the development and the spread of the internet. Until early 2026, we are in an in-between stage when we are reminded to reflect on the essence of the current cycle before we dream up a new vision of the future. Pisces has an all-around view of every situation. When Saturn and Neptune journey through Pisces, the task is to combine intuition (Neptune) with rational thinking and realism (Saturn) while finding our way forward in a world that has become increasingly uncertain but also filled with new potentialities.

The Equinox chart from March 20 (2.06 pm AEDT) is the birth chart of the new season indicating the flow of energy over the next three months.  Jupiter and Uranus approaching their once every 12-year conjunction (exact April 21) seeding many new innovative ideas in the areas of culture, politics, and technology. The Aries Sun is in a trine with a fiery Leo Moon. The latter is forming a close opposition with Pluto in Aquarius. During this time period, important new impulses will steer us into new dimensions and possibilities (Pluto in Aquarius). However, the Leo Moon emphasises the need for keeping a strong focus on our heart wisdom while remaining attuned to our personal truth and values. Thus, we can avoid getting lost in the ever-expanding virtual web.

The Full Moon eclipse on March 25 occurs in the early degrees of Libra and forms a trine with Pluto. Eclipses are powerful New Moons (solar eclipse) and Full Moons (lunar eclipse). Libra, the sign opposite to Aries, is the relationship sign of the zodiac. Libra strives to have loving and equal relationships but often sacrifices parts of the essential self in the process. Aries represents the development of initiative and independence, assertiveness and courage. This eclipse may highlight where we have compromised too much of our own values to keep the peace. With the Sun and Chiron in Aries, we might feel inspired to activate our inner healer and break free from old patterns of compliance. Libra’s spiritual quest is the reconciliation of opposites. To find a new balance between self and other, we may have to aspire to the next level of partnership and co-creation. Pluto’s trine with the Full Moon can be helpful in adding detachment and a determined focus on the common ground. Equally, the Lord of the Underworld might bring into the light our own shadow of suppressed emotions, making conscious what has been unconscious. Venus, ruler of Libra, is in sensitive Pisces and conjunct reality planet Saturn. Honesty and compassion are the key for a deeper understanding and assist with shaping a sensible plan of action.  

Aries: During the current Pisces cycle (until March 20) you may want to empty out and reflect on the essence of your personal solar year that is just about to end. Plant your new seed of inspiration at the equinox on March 20, dreaming up a new vision of the future. Keep ‘head and heart’ in close alignment.

Taurus: Friendships and alliances may be tested during the current cycle. Those that have enough substance will survive this process of scrutinising. It is not the time for maintaining shallow connections. It is true commitment that you are yearning for, and this will nourish your soul.

Gemini: Saturn, planet of reality, is transiting your solar 1oth house until February 2026. Through knowing your limitations, you may experience real freedom. Examine where you stand in the world and where you want to go from here. Ultimately, this is a time for reaping the harvest but also for reorientation.

Cancer: During this cycle you may be questioning your spiritual outlook and the goals that you have been working towards. It is a good time for examining your course of action into the future. Keep an open mind and be ready to change and adjust. Soon new seeds can be planted. Allow yourself to be inspired.

Leo: You may be amidst a process of examining your deepest soul territory. It includes your closest relationships, your shared finances, need for security and dealing with control issues. Take it as a helpful period for researching topics to do with soul work, depth psychology, early childhood trauma, rebirthing etc.

Virgo: The current Pisces cycle may prompt you into defining and examining yourself through your closest relationships. You might be struggling with the demands of your partnership, or your partner might feel pressured by your needs.  Clarify expectations and work on agreements that suit both of you.

Libra: Feel into the Pisces energy by cleansing your body mind and soul. Simplify your daily life and prune where it is needed to conserve energy. The Full Moon lunar eclipse on March 25 might reveal unresolved relationship themes. Weigh up the position from both sides and it will become clearer how to proceed.

Scorpio:  You could be in the process of re-shaping your perception of self, including the expression of your innate uniqueness. Your unlived creative potential and buried talents are stirring you to seek a way of expression. From another point of view, it is a lesson in learning to truly love yourself.

Sagittarius: Much of your focus has been on home and family during the last year. The current Pisces cycle favours house renovations and re-organisation of your domestic affairs. It is also a time for soul work and exploring your inner life. Soon, new seeds of creativity will emerge to be planted at the Aries Equinox.

Capricorn: Have you ever dreamt about writing creatively, engaging in something that stirs your emotions? Let this Pisces season be the start into your imaginative world! Experiment with different styles of speaking and ways of listening. Delve into your inner world and discover what makes you tick.

Aquarius: With Pluto journeying through Aquarius for the next 2 decades (except during 1 September – 26 November 2024), see yourself as an agent of change. Taking on this task for ‘the good of all’ means that you must be in touch with yourself, including your values, needs and subconscious urges.

Pisces: Saturn remains for another year in Pisces, meaning that this solar return period will still be a year of’ growth made through effort’. It may not be the best time for starting a big new project out there requiring most of your energy. It is more a time of inward reflection and examining those parts that haven’t found expression yet.

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