Astro-forecast for July 2024

Astro-forecast for July 2024

“Swimming Upstream”
by Gery Mews

Since the winter solstice (June 21) the Sun has travelled through the watery realm of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and signifies the receptive and sustaining powers of the feminine, who gives birth, supports and protects life. Most people born under this sign have deep attachments to their family and ancestral roots while being loyal to the values of the past. They love the preservation of family bonds but can be extremely touchy, highly sensitive and moody because their inner world changes with the cycles of the Moon. Physically, Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach, the function of giving out nourishment to others and taking in nourishment for oneself. Many Cancerians love cooking and good food.  Cancer’s nature is defensive rather than offensive.

Astrologically, we have entered a more cautious phase in the year emphasised by Saturn, the Lord of time who just turned retrograde on June 29, followed by Neptune who turns retrograde on July 2. Both planets are at a ‘standstill’ and in a strong position. Astrology teaches that the slower a planet moves the greater we feel its influence.  Thus, with Saturn and Neptune highlighted especially during the beginning of July, we get the first glimpses of the changes that 2025 will bring. Next year both planets will transition from Pisces, the sign of endings to Aries, the sign of new beginnings. Saturn demands accountability and a reality check, whereas Neptune is much more vulnerable, prone to deception and manipulation. The beginning of July marks a time when it is essential to distinguish between fact (Saturn) and fiction (Neptune) as the possibility of being misled is amplified. On a higher level, Neptune symbolises our hopes and imagination, our spiritual ideals and practices. Hovering at the last degree of Pisces for the next two months, the Lord of the oceans invites us to work towards our dreams in a steady and persistent way (Saturn).

The New Moon on July 6 is in Cancer, squaring the nodal axis and in trine with Saturn. A new balance needs to be created between rushing ahead with a specific agenda while maintaining the willingness to cooperate with those who think differently. The Black Moon Lilith entered the sign of Libra on June 30, is here to stay for the next 9 months (25 March 2025). Unresolved relationship issues will become more prominent as Lilith is moving with the South Lunar Node until the end of the year. On a collective level, Lilith gives strength to activism and to the voices of those who feel violated, and their truths and values excluded from mainstream society. In Libra, she demands fairness and equal rights for all. She can trigger hidden rage, but also the courage to make the changes that we always wanted to do. Interestingly, Julian Assange has the Black Moon Lilith in the early degrees of Libra in his natal chart conjunct revolutionary Uranus.

During mid-month, pressure is building in the areas of relationships and values. Venus in Leo reaches the opposition to Pluto in Aquarius on July 12/13 followed by a Mars/ Uranus conjunction during July 14 – 17. These are intense planetary combinations, correlating with themes around sovereignty and collective power, independence and dependency issues as well as conflicts concerning boundaries and territory. Then the Sun enters Leo on July 22, opposing Pluto and adding extra fire to an already dynamic situation.

The Full Moon on July 21 occurs on the last degree of Capricorn. This is the second Capricorn Full Moon in a row, following the one from June 22. Falling on the 29th degree indicates that something is asking for completion, a project that needs to be finalised before a new start can be made. The Moon is conjunct Pluto in Aquarius and opposite the Sun on the last degree of Cancer, a perfect symbol for transitioning to a new approach in dealing with an underlying problem. Emotions need to be channelled into a constructive outlet (Capricorn) to bring clarity, innovation and creativity (Aquarius) to an old situation. In medical astrology Capricorn rules the bones, joints and knees. Ancestral trauma is stored inside our bones, the densest parts within our bodies. Giving loving attention to our bones may help healing transgenerational or karmic themes.  Chiron stations retrograde on July 27 bringing unforeseen opportunities for healing and reconciliation, revealing weaknesses that can be attended over the next weeks and months with special care, kindness and understanding.

Aries: You may have reached a phase of enhanced independence, innovation and personal drive. Find out what really gives you happiness and joy. You might feel like pioneering into unchartered lands while following your creative impulse.  Whatever it might be, make sure to keep an eye on the needs of others to avoid conflict and feelings of separation.

Taurus: Issues around independence and dependency may be at center stage for you. You might feel called to undertake a journey of your own or start a new project in your own right. Relationships of all sorts are under review. Take especially care from July 12 – 17 as some of your buttons can be pushed. On a deeper level, you are working out what can be left behind to lay a more sustainable foundation for the future.

Gemini: With Jupiter in your sun sign until June 2025, it is your time of growth and new opportunities. Tap into your creative potential and dare something different. Nevertheless, your steps will be tested in August and December when Saturn, planet of reality, will be challenging Jupiter’s optimism and expansiveness. So, work out helpful strategies to achieve your long-term goals.

Cancer: This is the birth of your new solar year, and your personal compass is pointing straight ahead towards the future. You might be called to take on a leadership role while striking a balance between your inbuilt sensitivity and emerging new responsibilities. Moving forward in your life is the focus while letting go of emotional insecurities.

Leo: Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and relating is in your sign during July 12 – August 6. This can be a soul-searching phase in your life where you will go through an in-depth examination of your relationships, creative projects and values of all sorts. Unexpected breakthroughs are possible as your heart yearns for true love and recognition.

Virgo: The path ahead during this month guides you towards focusing more on friendships, social circles and community activities. Tap into your creative potential and share your gifts. You will find that others are in support of your ideas and objectives, especially when you are organised and persistent. Ground your vision into the here-and-now.

Libra: While the Black Moon Lilith makes her journey through your sun sign during the next 9 months, you will find that your sense for fairness and social justice is emphasised. Instead of holding back for the sake of keeping the peace, it is best to have the courage to speak your truth. Trust that you will be heard!

Scorpio: At the moment, it seems to be difficult to make plans as things can change without any prior warning. Make some space and create room for the unexpected. Especially during mid-month avoid acting impulsively as you may want to rebel against limitations put onto you by others. Relax and try to think things through before acting.

Sagittarius: This is a time when opportunities come to you through well-nourished relationships with others. Strengthen your ability to communicate. New information wants to reach you, so, listen and remain open to what others have to say. Make a conscious effort to deal with them in an engaged but loving manner so that no one needs to feel ignored.

Capricorn: Partnerships of all sorts are highlighted during this period. While the Black Moon Lilith is transiting your solar house of social standing and reputation issues of inequality and power imbalances might be back on the agenda. There are things happening beneath the surface. Renewal of contracts or separation are both an option.

Aquarius: This is the time of the year when you need to take care of your mind, body and soul. Give yourself permission to take some time for self-nurturing. Mars and Uranus in your home sector could intensify domestic affairs especially during mid-month. It is best to channel the volatile energy into creative projects and innovative change.

Pisces: With Saturn and Neptune retrograding in Pisces, you may want to re-examine your plans and dreams. What is working and what is wishful-thinking? Saturn brings in the reality check while Neptune gives hope and vision. On the other hand, spiritual power and having faith in your spiritual ideals can transform the impossible into reality.

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