“The Azure Dragon”
by Gery Mews

In astrology we study the cycles of the three slow-moving outer planets -also described as the transpersonal planets – as the key markers of our collective experience through history. These outer planets have long orbits: Pluto 246 years, Neptune 165 years and Uranus 84 years. They all are changing signs during 2023/4-2026 moving the elemental emphasis from Earth and Water to Air and Fire signalling a time of dramatic acceleration with a major shift in frequency. Their synchronised transition marks a historic turning point and a new direction for humanity when fresh ideas and powerful spiritual impulses are seeded. 2024 asks for pushing beyond accepted boundaries, nourishing innovative ideas while remaining open for surprising twists and turns.

Pluto in Aquarius: The Reshaping of Human Relationships 2023/4-4

Pluto’s 2nd ingress into Aquarius occurs on January 21 but he will return to Capricorn just once more from September 1 – November 19, before settling in the sign of the water-bearer for the next 20 years. Pluto spent already a brief time in Aquarius during March – June 2023. Pluto-in-Aquarius cycles coincide with times of radical change and the emergence of new worldviews. During the next 2 decades our lives will change in unprecedented ways. At best, we will be creating a more humane, decentralised and horizontally structured society promoting mutual respect and friendship. But there is always a dark side to any archetype that emerges out of the collective, depending on how we use the energy.  The low side of Pluto in Aquarius is exclusivity and emotional separation. Also, AI and digitalisation will play increasingly a greater role. The dark side here will become more obvious too and we will ask the question if this new digitally driven world is really helping us to grow and evolve.

Each time when the Lord of the Underworld enters the most social and idealistic sign of the zodiac a period of upheaval, liberation and reflection on what it means to be human is initiated. One cycle back we had the French Revolution, and the American Bill of Rights was written. Uranus was discovered which changed the perception of the universe forever. The scientific revolution followed. Two cycles back Copernicus discovered the heliocentric model and challenged the belief-systems and dogmas of the time when postulating that the Earth with all the planets is orbiting around the Sun. This time we will certainly go further out into space familiarising ourselves with our galactic heritage as new frontiers of comprehension become acceptable and common knowledge. By finding our way forward we also find our way back. When Pluto is in Aquarius, the relationship between spirit and science shifts permanently reshaping human relationships and identity on a fundamental level.

Pluto is the planetary force of evolution while Neptune is associated with the human need for spiritual connection and the experience of soul. Neptune and Pluto have been forming a supportive sextile during 1945 -1986 and will soon align in a waxing sextile again for the last time during 2026-2032. The Neptune-Pluto cycle takes about 494 years to complete and is associated with the transformation of human beliefs and faith over time.

The Saturn – Neptune Cycle:  Spiritual Questioning and the Dissolution of Boundaries
(1989 -2025/6)

Neptune in Pisces: 2011 – 2026; Saturn in Pisces March 2023 – February 2026
Neptune has been in its home sign Pisces since 2011 and will enter Aries in late March 2025
. Since Saturn is co-present in Pisces, a lot of our spiritual and visionary ideas can solidify during this late phase of the Neptune-in-Pisces cycle. Once Neptune crosses the threshold to Aries our relationship with the imaginative world will be energised and we may realise more directly how our beliefs transform into physical manifestation for the better or worse! We may work much more consciously with vibration and frequency, and the quality of our thinking. The mystic, philosopher, scientist and educator Rudolf Steiner was a Pisces Sun with Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces (born in 1861). He developed a theory of knowledge based on the direct experience of the spiritual nature of thinking bringing together science and spirit in a new way.

During 2024/5, Saturn and Neptune are in the end-phase of their 36-year cycle that began in 1989. They prepare for a powerful new beginning when meeting exactly at the zero-degree Aries Point threshold in February 2026. Until then, their combined journey through the most elusive sign of the zodiac could be quite chaotic and volatile signalling a period of spiritual questioning. Since 2020, fears of uncertainty about the future have been all pervasive dissolving boundaries between fact and fiction, truth and propaganda. These factors are  contributing heavily to the polarisation of communities, societies and nations. The challenge on a personal level has been finding balance between imagination and common sense while remaining centred and aligned with our own intuition, examining if we act out of fear or out of love. Neptune inspires with a vision or potential, and Saturn brings it down to earth by building the necessary structures. On the other side, Neptune dissolves where and when we have become too rigid and stuck in a rut.

Dreams and beliefs will be tested for their validity during the unfoldment of this cycle. For example, 1989 was the Fall of the Berlin Wall accompanied by a dream of unity between East and West. During this end-phase we witness the war between Ukraine and Russia plus the rise of neo-Nazis in the eastern part of Germany and Europe showing that some core structures built since 1989 have failed to fulfill people’s hopes and expectations.

The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction at 22-degree Taurus on April 21: Opening of New Horizons

Uranus is transiting Taurus since 2018 and will enter Gemini in July 2025.  Uranus disrupts and transforms unexpectedly and unpredictably the principles of the sign he is transiting. In Taurus, Uranus has revolutionised our values, economy, agriculture and our relationship with Earth. There is still more change to come in these areas whilst Uranus is transiting the later degrees of this stability seeking sign before shifting into mental Gemini. We can assume that during the Uranus-in-Gemini years (2025/6 – 2033) our ways of transport, communication, technology and relationship to outer space will be revolutionised with knowledge and ideas that may only be in their infancy.

The most important planetary event during 2024 occurs on April 21st, when Uranus will conjoin with Jupiter at 22 degrees Taurus starting a new 14-year cycle of technological and cultural revolution. This cycle correlates withthe seeding and explosion of innovative ideas and creativity while new horizons are suddenly in reach. We have the opportunity of making a big jump in the area of life that is emphasised by the conjunction in our own chart. It can be an invitation to take risks, to follow a new inspiration, to suddenly become aware of a new door opening. On the other hand, the Jupiter-Uranus cycle expands the possibility of sudden revolutionary movements and activities as both planets are associated with the desire for freedom and truth. In Taurus, the potential for seismic activity is heightened as well, especially as this conjunction occurs just shortly after a powerful solar eclipse in Aries (April 8/9). We can expect that the time from March/April – June will be a very eventful period in the year.

During the last conjunction in 2010, we had the Arab Spring and the Icelandic Volcanic cloud that interrupted air traffic for weeks while the conjunction in 1969 coincides with the Moon landing and the legendary Woodstock Festival. During the next conjunction in 1982/3 the Space Shuttle Challenger was launched. In 1997, the Mars Pathfinder, a robotic spacecraft, landed on Mars. It was also the year of Princess Diana’s surprise death. The Storm on the Bastille which triggered the French Revolution occurred during a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in 1789. Steve Jobs and Edward Snowdon are born with a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in their natal charts and so are Cate Blanchet and Amy Winehouse.

Jupiter in Gemini: Expansion of the Mind:
May 26, 2024 – June 10, 2025

Jupiter enters Gemini on May 26and will remain until June 10, 2025. Jupiter in the sign of the mental twins invites us to grow wiser in our ability to communicate, network and remain open for dialogue. Gemini likes to explore different points of view without having all the answers. It is a great time for learning something new and to study subjects that expand our perception. Jupiter in Gemini will bring a breath of fresh air, likes to be playful and is great at creating networks of exchange.

Jupiter will receive two squares from Saturn during August and December. Saturn holds onto the past and Jupiter wants to move on. It is essential to remain flexible in one’s thinking. Disagreements are possible during these times and conflicts between moral principles (Jupiter) versus rules and regulations (Saturn) may arise. It might be a time when we are having to make a choice between either following our own conviction or conform to outer pressures. The exact dates are August 19th and December 25th.

Mercury retrogrades in Fire Signs: 
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
1 – 25 April               in Aries
5 – 29 August          in Leo (partial dip into Virgo)
26 Nov – 16 Dec     in Sagittarius

All Mercury retrogrades during 2023 were in Earth signs. They pushed us to deal with the practical realities of life. The December Mercury retrograde cycle has already been partly in Sagittarius. When in Fire, Mercury retrograde cycles put the emphasis on our heart’s desire and what really inspires us. Rather than relying on information from the outside, we are urged to align with our own truth, listen to our intuition and remain open to new possibilities.

Aries: From the end of January until the beginning of April is a perfect period for moving a step forward towards achieving your goals. With Mercury retrograde and a powerful Solar eclipse on April 9, the focus shifts toward inner reflection and clarifying what works and what doesn’t. Unexpected new beginnings are possible.

Mars, your ruling planet, is traversing Aries from May 1 until June 10, providing you with fresh motivation. The Lunar North Node remains in Aries until January 2025 supporting your desire for authenticity and independence. Jupiter’s journey through Gemini from the end of May until June 2025 lights up your solar house of community and the pursuit of knowledge offering many opportunities for expanding your networks.

The year ends with a Mars-retrograde cycle which will last from December 6th until February 25th, 2025. Expect that projects and connections will be tested and you are reminded of slowing down.

Taurus:  This is a watershed year for many Taureans when you are pushing further onto a new path. This process started already in 2018 but will now have its peak.  Jupiter and Uranus conjoin in your Sun sign, exact on April 21. Make extra space for this high-frequency energy because quantum leaps are possible and new horizons are opening for those who are willing to take the risk.

Mars, the planet of drive and action is in Taurus during June 10 – July 21 boosting your energy level and providing you with the necessary momentum to follow your life’s goals. Work through resistance and reflect on what is holding you back.

Most importantly, Pluto, the planet of transformation and permanent changes, is about to settle in your solar house of career and life direction for the next 20 years. More than ever, you will be asked to live your life’s true purpose.

Gemini: This is a mixed year, with lots of great opportunities and creative expansions but also equally there will be challenges, endings and limiting influences.

The good news is that Jupiter will be in your Sun sign during May 26-June 10, 2025, generating many opportunities for new beginnings, innovation and visionary projects. Jupiter was last in Gemini during June 2012 – June 2013.

Equally important is Saturn’s transition through your solar house of life direction and purpose. If you have done your research and facts are clarified, your influence in decision making processes is gaining. On the other hand, you might feel burdened with more responsibility than you have been asking for.

Mars will be in Gemini during July 21 – September 5, boosting your confidence and desire for pushing beyond set boundaries. Good planning, integrity and formulating a balanced approach will generate the progress that you desire.

Cancer: With the Lunar North Node still in your solar house of life direction during 2024, you are asked to set sail for reaching your life’s purpose.  During April, a powerful solar eclipse combined with Mercury retrograde may signal a time of reflection offering a deeper insight into whether you are on the right course. 

Support and help from your friends may come at the right time as you get more of an idea where your path is taking you. Groups and networking with like-minded souls open new doors unexpectedly showing you that you are not alone on this journey.

Mars, the planet of drive and energy will be in Cancer for a prolonged period starting on September 5 – November 3 and again during January 7 – April 19, 2025. Mars is retrograde during December 6 – February 24, 2025. This entire period will test and intensify your determination to stand for your truth and align with your authentic self.

Leo: With Pluto’s entry in your solar house of partnerships for the next 20 years, powerful changes will arrive through your engagement with others. Venus and Mars will be joining Pluto during mid-February until mid-March emphasising a period of clarification between your willingness to commit versus your need for freedom.

Jupiter journeys through your solar house of career and life direction until May 26 approaching a conjunction with electrifying Uranus on April 21. This could not only bring new opportunities of growth but also revolutionise your public image and role in the world. Be ready to embrace change as new doors open suddenly and unexpectedly. Your determination to follow your life’s calling might find new strength during June/July.

Mars enters Leo on November 5 and then stations retrograde one month later December 5. The Mars retrograde cycle lasts until February 23, 2025 initiating an inward process of identifying what is really important to you.

Virgo: Saturn is transiting your solar house of relationships until 2026 bringing tests and trials to your social world and one-on-one encounters. Clarification of each side’s responsibilities may be needed especially during March 23 – April 29. Commitments will be tested, and this may coincide with a time of letting go.

The liberating influence of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 21 falls in your solar 9th house kindling your desire for adventure and exploring new horizons. You might feel drawn towards expanding your knowledge base with innovative studies or through travel.

A breath of fresh air is blowing through your sector of life direction and career from mid-May onwards when Jupiter starts his 12-month journey through Gemini. July 21 – September 5 marks a period of great ambition when you feel compelled to follow your purpose and reaching out to achieve your life’s goals.

Libra: With two more eclipses occurring in your Sun sign, a lunar eclipse on March 24 and a solar eclipse on October 2, you can expect an acceleration of events during 2024. The emphasis is on relationships and how you can convey your needs truthfully and without holding back. Take note of whom and what you are attracting into your field of influence.

Pluto in Aquarius is about to revolutionise your creative and artistic drive. Especially from January 21 until March 12, you might feel enticed to experiment with different styles of self-expression. This may also affect your parenting approach as you might be moving away from traditional methods creating more space and freedom for yourself and your children.

When Jupiter enters your solar house of travel and higher knowledge on May 26(until June 10, 2025) you could decide on a new study course. Connections with people from overseas might work out to be quite beneficial during this period.

Scorpio: Pluto in Aquarius is transiting your solar house of home and family for the next 20 years (from January 21 -September 1; November 19 – January 2044). You may choose more than ever to experiment with different ways of living and need plenty of space for personal development. The foundation of your life has to align with the principles of true friendship, community, and freedom.

Jupiter and Uranus start their new cycle in your solar house of partnerships, freeing up space and time for a more liberated relationship style that is based on fairness and tolerance.

2024 could be a good year for taking your entrepreneurial side and creative potential onto a more serious level. Find out how your efforts are resonating with others and if you receive the acknowledgement that you desire. Depending on the outcome, you may start on a different path of activity in 2025/6. Mars turning retrograde in your career sector during December 5 – January 7, 2025 might boost this process.

Sagittarius: Saturn will be another year in your solar house of home and domestic affairs testing the strength of your foundation. During June/July you will get more of an idea about possible zones of weakness, may it be on an emotional or material level. Some essential work might need to be finalised before entering a new cycle of creativity in 2025/6.

Jupiter in Taurus will continue to increase your daily duties and responsibilities until May 26. If you are up for a change, the exciting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 21 can bring sudden breakthroughs in your area of activity.

Jupiter highlights your solar house of relationships from May 26 – June 10, 2025. New opportunities of growth come from those who you attract into your energy field. Keep your frequency high and bright and your intentions focused on desirable outcomes, especially during times of increased tension and stress such as during mid-August and late December.

Capricorn: Pluto, the great transformer, is leaving your Sun sign on January 21but will return once more during September 1 – November 19 giving you a last chance to work through unfinished business from the past. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and with his transition into Aquarius you can now leave lots behind. Reflect a moment on the massive learning and growing that you have done during these 15 years!

Jupiter and Uranus meet on April 21 to initiate a new cycle of creativity and entrepreneurial projection. Stretch your boundaries and think out of the square. It is a time for calculated risk-taking.

Saturn continues his journey through your solar house of communication, short travel and neighbourhood. Once Saturn draws closer to elusive Neptune during June/July your perception of reality may shift and interaction with others might become more unclear. Old dreams could be rekindled, and it is for you to work out what is feasible and what is fantasy.

Aquarius: Pluto, the great transformer, had his first visit to your Sun-sign during March – June 2023 and will re-enter on January 21. Pluto will stay for about 20 years in Aquarius from November 19 onwards. Besides all the challenges this long transit may bring, it is a fantastic opportunity for personal growth and deeply felt changes to your identity. Expect that your approach to life is going to change in a major way, including how you view yourself and how others resonate with you. Be authentic and own your power, says Pluto!  Nevertheless, shadow themes of control might have to be owned as well as you can become more aware of your impact on others.

This process may start already mid-February until late March when the relationship planets Venus and Mars are conjoined in Aquarius. Finding the right balance between intimacy and personal freedom will be the task at hand.

Pisces: Saturn will be another year in your Sun sign generating experiences of a major re-orientation. It is a time of letting go, especially with Neptune transiting through the last degrees of Pisces. Their closest encounter during 2024 will be during June/July. This is a year of important endings as a new (old) part of yourself wants to be born and given expression from 2025/6 onwards.

Jupiter is activating your solar house of home and family from May 26 until June 11, 2025 bringing new opportunities for growth and expansion in this area of your life. Your family may grow or you might put on a beautiful home extension.  If you plan to move to another location, this is a helpful transit to make use of.  Mars journeys through this part of the zodiac from July 21 – September 4 boosting your zest for action, adventure and change.

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We are in the midst of a major paradigm shift signified by the larger planetary cycles and their movements. From 2023 until 2025/6 all outer planets will have changed signs calling in a new world era. During 2023 we will write a new page in history when Pluto dips into Aquarius during March – June for the first time since the late 1800’s. Pluto’s passage through Aquarius will reshape human relationships on a fundamental level. Until the end of 2024, the Lord of the Underworld is still finalising his journey through the last degrees of Capricorn before he permanently settles in Aquarius for the next two decades. It marks the end of an era that began in 2008, with Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn. Political and economic systems all around the globe have been challenged since then.  The last three years especially have brought into the open many deep-seated tensions between governments and those governed as we are witnessing the deconstruction of our shared reality while trying to find new ground in an ever-changing environment. This process of dissolution will continue once Saturn enters the fluid realm of Pisces in early March. We might step into a period of grieving for a lost era, but also may have the opportunity to envisage and participate in co-creating a new future together. Jupiter switches from Aries to Taurus on May 17th inviting us to grow some of the seed ideas that have recently inspired us into practical form.

All planets are in forward motion from January 19th until May 1st when we can start stepping towards the future. However, Mars in Gemini is retrograde until January 12th and Mercury in Capricorn is retrograde until January 19th signifying a slow start into 2023. The first 3 weeks of January may be best used for reflection and integrating all the changes that we have been experiencing over the last years.

Saturn in Pisces: Dissolution of Old Structures7 March 2023 – 14 February 2026Saturn is in its own domicile of Aquarius until March 8th, and then will ingress into Pisces, where the planet signifying the material reality will be co-present with elusive Neptune. On February 21st, 2026 they will form a conjunction on zero degree Aries. Both Saturn and Neptune are in the end-phase of their 36-year synodic cycle that began in 1989 and at the same time prepare for a new beginning. Their combined journey through the most mysterious sign of the zodiac may herald a period of spiritual awakening and a strengthening of qualities such as empathy and compassion for others. Pisces is a dual sign signifying extreme highs and lows. On the other hand, during these next three years fears of uncertainty may increase giving rise to new ideologies and religions, polarising societies and nations and further dissolving the boundaries between fact and fiction, truth and deception. On a material and political level, Saturn in Pisces will erode and undermine the structures that have been deteriorating since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn. While Saturn, the planet of time and necessity, is transiting the most visionary sign in the zodiac, we may ask the soul-searching question what reality after all is and how is it defined? Pisces is imaginative and likes to dream and Saturn can be helpful with manifesting these dreams. However, let’s be prepared that dreams and beliefs will be tested for their validity. On a mundane level, Saturn in Pisces correlates with public health issues, epidemics, climate change and the declining state of the oceans, themes of mental health and the use of psychedelics, world service and world healing as well as new developments in music, films and the arts.

Pluto in Aquarius: The Reshaping of Human Relationships and Revaluation of all Values
23 March – 11 June 2023; 21 Jan 2024 – 1 Sept 2024; 19 Nov 2024 – 19 Jan 2044
Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius on March 23 signals the end of history as we know it. Pluto is a collective planet such as Uranus and Neptune and signifies the archetypal Lord of the Underworld, the Shivaitic principle of death, destruction and rebirth. Pluto has been passing through Capricorn since 2008 and is now slowly but surely transiting to Aquarius between March 2023 and November 2024. Then Pluto will finally settle for the next two decades in the sign of the mythical Cupbearer who fertilises our minds with fresh ideas. During March – June 2023 we will gain the first insights how this astrological influence will manifest in global affairs. Aquarius is an air sign associated with the ability to think objectively detached from too much emotional interference. It signifies the use of individual free will, the innate ’Divine Revolutionary’, who wants to renew, improve and transform society based on fresh discoveries, humanitarian ideas and technological advances. Aquarius has two ruling planets, traditionally Saturn and in modern times Uranus. At its best, Pluto in Aquarius invokes self-responsibility, self-determination, the freedom to experiment and the desire to serve and contribute to humanity at large. Aquarius is a human sign, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and concerns itself with the plight of the common man, emphasising the many over a selected few.

The last round of Pluto through Aquarius was during 1777 – 1797, the Age of Enlightenment and the French Revolution. The US Constitution was established in 1787, followed by the Bill of Rights in 1789. Ideas such as liberty, progress, equality, fraternity, and constitutional government were birthed.  The French Revolution started in 1789 with the overthrow of the monarchy, the abolition of the feudal system and the declaration of the ‘Rights of Man’. It was a period of many wars but also scientific inventions and revolutionising social reforms and social justice. This time around, we may witness changes in the way we live as we move deeper into an era of advanced technology, AI, space colonisation as well as digital currencies. We may have to defend against all-pervasive models of digitilisation to safeguard our individual freedom and humanity. As we transition from Earth (Capricorn) to Air (Aquarius) the possibilities for the future are limitless. It is up to us to consciously participate in co-creating this next chapter of our collective evolution and the revaluation of all values.

Jupiter in Taurus: Consolidation   11 May 2023 – 26 May 2024

Jupiter rushes through fiery and pioneering Aries, the sign of new beginnings. On May 17th, the largest planet of our solar system shifts from fire to earth and enters stabilising Taurus. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and good fortune and once Jupiter reaches Taurus we will enter a phase of consolidation with new opportunities of material growth. Whatever has been explored while Jupiter was in Aries and proves worthwhile to maintain can be put onto firm ground now. This is the year to focus on expanding the abundance in our lives. Jupiter will be forming a square aspect with Pluto in Aquarius, exact on May 21st. The last 2 weeks of May might offer unexpected openings for regeneration and revolutionary changes.  Nevertheless, Jupiter in Taurus is peace loving and wants us to walk the noble path with determination and strength. This way we will eventually reach our destination. Jupiter may also remind us to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind, to treat ourselves and others well and give gratitude to Mother Earth and her riches so that we continue to receive her blessings.

Venus Retrograde in Leo: Revision & Adjustment of Values  
23 July – 4 September

Venus, planet of love and beauty, turns retrograde once every 18 months when she shifts from evening to morning star.  She draws her magic pentagram in the skies over an 8-year period. Venus returns to the same retrograde cycle every 8 years. So, last time Venus was performing her retrograde loop in Leo was during August 2015. While Venus is retrograde, we will revise and reflect on our relationships, ponder on what we value and how to spend our resources best. We might revisit relationship challenges that came up for us the last time Venus was retrograde in Leo.  What has changed since then? Venus retrograde will be forming a square aspect with Jupiter in Taurus during the second half of August initiating a period of re-evaluating our finances and adjusting priorities. It is not the best time for making new purchases or speculation. It may not pay off the way we are expecting it.

Lunar Nodes in Aries-Libra: The Art of Relating
18 July 2023 – 12 January 2025

The lunar nodes shift from the money signs Taurus-Scorpio to the relationship signs Aries and Libra on July 18th. They will remain on this axis until January 12th 2025. Challenges will shift from concerns with resources, energy, food supply and the economy (Taurus-Scorpio) to the right way of relating. Aries is about one’s individual identity and independence while Libra is about collaboration. The evolutionary intent on the Aries-Libra axis lies in developing autonomy as well as cooperation within relationships.

With the lunar North Node in pioneering Aries, we can expect more ground-breaking innovations. Historically, this nodal cycle has coincided with major discoveries, including the dwarf planet Eris which was transiting through Aries when encountered first time on January 5, 2005. Originally considered a tenth planet, Eris was named after the goddess of discourse and strife, sister of the war god Ares/Mars and ruler of the sign Aries. Pluto will be squaring the Lunar nodes for most of the year and will be exact at the nodal axis between 23rd – 29th of July. It indicates that 2023 may be the year for changing our programming, for undergoing a psychic reset which requires sorting through our thoughts, feelings and material possessions and eliminating what has to go. Pluto squaring the nodes in Aries and Libra can also indicate the need for working through power imbalances in our relationship dynamics.

Mercury Retrogrades in Earth signs
During 2023, Mercury will emphasise the Earth signs where the messenger planet will spend a lot of its time, starting with retracing its steps in Capricorn until January 19. We are asked to slow down, rest, plan well  and re-examine our relationship with the Mother Earth. Much of 2023 is about getting in tune with the practical realm of living. Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus from 20 April – 15 May when we might spend time reviewing our relationship with food, money and nourishment on all levels as well as the building of strong foundations. Then from 23 August until 15 September Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo inviting us to develop greater efficiency and reflect on our dietary and health requirements. On December 15th, Mercury shifts its retrograde cycles from Earth to Fire when backing into the big picture sign Sagittarius and preparing us for the next year ahead.

Aries: Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion, will be in your Sun sign until May 17th inspiring you to explore new parts of your identity initiating a new 12-year cycle. Jupiter was already in Aries during 11 May and 28 October 2022. Whatever you have started then can be brought forward once Mars and Mercury are direct again. Mars, planet of action and drive, ends his nearly 3-month retrograde cycle on January 12th. Mercury turns direct on January 19th ending a time of reflection on career goals and life direction. Jupiter shifts into Taurus from 17 May to 26 May 2024 when you start receiving the benefits from your activities. Overall, 2023 is a year of consolidation and being in tune with the pragmatic side of living.

Taurus: If 2022 was a year of disruptions to routine including financial struggles, you may like to hear that Jupiter, the planet of good fortune will be journeying through your Sun sign from 17 May to 26 May 2024. Take advantage of opportunities of personal growth when they emerge later in the year. Saturn, the hard taskmaster, leaves your career house on March 7th  not to return for another 29 years. You may have reached the peak of your career ambitions during the last 2-3 years and now might be looking forward to more freedom and time for play. When Pluto dips into Aquarius during March 23rd and June 11th you will notice a shift. During 2023 you may want to rethink your self-image, identity and life purpose.

Gemini: Action planet Mars, will continue his extended journey through Gemini until March 26th and in forward motion from January 12th. While Mercury is retrograde until January 19th, the time until then is best used for reflection. Moving forward will be easier from the last week of January. When Saturn enters your solar 10th house of career and public standing you are urged to evaluate your future goals based on past achievements.  Changes in life direction are possible during the next 2-3 years as part of this process.  Friendships are emphasised during this year and you are likely to make new friends or become part of new networks. Helping others and working for social causes might become more important and will enrich your relationships with new meaning and purpose.

Cancer: The journey into an uncertain future continues and you are getting used to it! The need for freedom and new adventures is growing stronger. With Saturn entering Pisces on March 7th, you are stepping into a 2–3-year period of evaluating your ideals and spiritual goals. Know what you want to be working towards. An emphasis on creativity might be the missing ingredient for making the transition into the next phase. Jupiter is in your Solar 10th house of career and life direction until May 17th offering fresh opportunities in this area if you are ready to move towards something big. New beginnings are possible especially around April 20th.  Mars moving into Cancer on March 26th will bring fresh energy and incentives (until May 21st).

Leo: With Saturn moving into Pisces, some of the pressure that you have been experiencing during the last 2 years is easing. The emphasis shifts toward deepening your relationships and using your creativity for crafting the right balance between giving and taking. With Pluto dipping into your relationship sector between March 23rd and June 11th the focus will be on equally shared responsibilities. Less control and more freedom is crucial for moving forward. Venus, planet of love and beauty, will be retrograde in Leo during July 23rd and September 4th, further initiating a time of review and reflection on values and needs. Last time Venus was performing her retrograde loop in Leo was during August 2015. Relationship issues from that time might return to be looked at again.

Virgo: Since the end of October you might have entered a process of re-organising and pondering about your life’s goals and purpose. You can move forward with your plans once Mars and Mercury are direct again from January 19th onwards. Relationships might become more of an issue when Saturn enters your solar 7th house on March 7thinitiating a 2-3 year process of testing the strength of your bond and level of commitment to one another. More freedom and less stress becomes your mantra when Pluto moves in and out of Aquarius between 23 March and 11 June. This process will continue in 2024. New opportunities are opening from mid-May until the end of May 2024 through studies or travel that further your spiritual development.

Libra: Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, offers fresh opportunities in your personal, professional and financial relationships until the end of 2024. This coincides with a 18-month period of self-assessment starting on July 19th when you are seeking clarity about your priorities and true values. You will be required to let go of indecisiveness when Mars transits your Sun sign during  August 28th – October 13th.  Conflict cannot be avoided since you might have to make important decisions. However you will find out more about your automatic response pattern and what motivates you on a deeper level. Friendships and social connections are under review when Venus will be retrograde during July 23rd – September 4th. It is the end of an 8-year cycle followed by a new beginning.

Scorpio: A nearly 3-month phase of re-considering your work commitments and daily routine is ending on January 12. You can start putting your plans into action once Mercury is direct again after January 19th. Early March brings a shift in responsibilities when the pressure building strong foundations at home eases. For the next 2-3 years your children and their education are the focus of your attention as well as finding more time for your own creative activities. During March 23rd and June 11th, you may be dealing with some old family secrets. A powerful lunar eclipse on May 5 might prepare the path for ancestral clearing and healing work. During July 23rd – September 4th a process of re-evaluating your life direction and career goals might propel your life into a new direction.

Sagittarius: Once Mars has ended his 2 ½ month retrograde cycle on January 12th you might have gained more clarity about your personal and professional relationships. While Jupiter journeys through fiery Aries new opportunities for creative outlets, love and romance, as well as fun times with children could bless your life until May 17th.Then the energy shifts towards grounding, manifesting and perfecting the many inspirations that you have received with a more serious work routine. This process is supported by Saturn moving into your solar 4th house of home and family on March 7th for the next 2-3 years starting a new cycle of domestic responsibilities. The ongoing task of establishing a satisfying balance between your personal and collective goals will remain a vital part of your concerns until early 2025.

Capricorn: The year starts with Mercury 1st retrograde cycle through your Sun sign. Use the time until January 19th for reflecting on your goals and plans for the future while observing yourself as an individual with changing needs and values. A major shift of focus occurs on July 18th lasting until January 12th, 2025, when the Lunar Nodes are transiting your solar 4th and 10th houses. The emphasis moves away from career goals and your public responsibilities

providing you with more time and energy for family life and domestic concerns.  More time spent at home can bring new growth on an emotional level which then will benefit your entire existence. It is a year for stressing less and getting in contact with the essentials of what makes you happy.

Aquarius: There are big times of personal evolution ahead for Aquarians in the years to come. You will get the first impressions during March 23rd – June 11th when Pluto enters Aquarius first time. Saturn, the hard task master of reality, is leaving Aquarius and transitions into Pisces on March 7th.  Changes to your livelihood can be expected forcing you to get organised about your financial reality. Jupiter enters Taurus on May 17th and brings new opportunities of growth and expansion especially around your home and family. Your intimate relationships are in the spotlight when Mars moves through Leo during May 21st and July 11th followed by Venus who will journey through Leo from June 6th until October 10th. When Venus is retrograde during July 23rd – September 4th you will revise and reflect on your relationships trying to find more clarity = The last time Venus was performing her retrograde loop in Leo was during August 2015.

Pisces: When Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7th, you are entering a nearly 3-year phase of personality building and testing. You may have to shoulder new responsibilities forcing you to master different aspects of yourself that have laid dormant until then. With Jupiter journeying through Aries until May 17th you could be lucky with improving your finances and livelihood. Challenges may arrive from your social contacts and relationships which require some reflection and re-writing of contracts especially during August-September. Until March 26th a lot of your energy is tight up with your home and family life. An 11-week period of reorganisation of how to apply your energy more effectively ends on January 12th and you will be able to move forward once you have decided on a worthwhile project.

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