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“The Astrology of 2024 and beyond: Collective Awakening or Radical Transformation”

November 25th, 2023,
 10 am – 4pm
$80; $ conc $70

“The Astrology of 2024 and beyond: Opening of New Horizons”

January 27, 2024
10 am – 4 pm

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Astro-forecast for December 2023:

“In the yearly cycle around the zodiac we have reached the fiery and freedom-loving sign Sagittarius. Archers are the archetypal seekers for meaning and truth. Their view is on the far distance, and they are not so much concerned with the smaller details of everyday living. We need the Sagittarian frequency for formulating our vision and developing long-term goals that inspire us.

Mars is the planet of drive, motivation and action and represents the ancient god of war in mythology. The red planet entered adventurous Sagittarius on November 25 and will reach the next sign Capricorn on January 5, 2024. Mars in outspoken Sagittarius brings dynamic energy and enthusiasm while igniting the courage to explore beyond known horizons. With its influence, we can expect a surge in optimism and hope. The trap is getting stuck in dogmatism and preconceived judgements.” (Astro-forecast for December 2023 )