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“Introduction to Predictive Chart Reading”

a 6-week course
Part 2 starts July 4,
10.30 am – 1 pm
Lillifield Community Centre

$180 for the course

A new series of Astro-Constellations
Embodying Astrology
September 1:
The Moon & Matrilineal Dynamics
September 8:
The Sun & Patrilineal Dynamics
September 15:
The Inner Planets & Siblings Dynamics

$150 for each day or
$ 390 for the series
numbers are limited to 12 participants
for info and booking contact Tina:
0457903957 or

“Swimming Upstream”
copyright by Gery Mews

Astro-forecast for July2024

“Since the winter solstice (June 21) the Sun has travelled through the watery realm of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and signifies the receptive and sustaining powers of the feminine, who gives birth, supports and protects life. Most people born under this sign have deep attachments to their family and ancestral roots while being loyal to the values of the past. They love the preservation of family bonds but can be extremely touchy, highly sensitive and moody because their inner world changes with the cycles of the Moon. Physically, Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach, the function of giving out nourishment to others and taking in nourishment for oneself. Many Cancerians love cooking and good food.  Cancer’s nature is defensive rather than offensive(Astro-forecast for July 2024)